CampFest 2015: A Brief Flashback

Maybe we were cursed, maybe it was karma, or maybe we all just had bad luck, because most crews coming from the coast experienced unfortunate mishaps ranging from cracked radiators, to tyre bursts, to busted CV joints. Luckily everyone made it there in one piece.

Initially, we planned to do a full write up and after-movie of this year’s event, but the problems just kept piling up. We hit a rabbit on the Thursday evening about 300km outside Port Elizabeth which damaged our radiator and caused us to lose out on the whole Friday, and the next day I managed to bend the power steering pump, spilling all the fluid; which made us lose out on most of the Saturday. At least we were able to make it to the after party and the show on Sunday, but due to commitments we had to leave right after our car was judged.

The venue was honestly perfect for the event and the weather played along nicely regardless of that thunder shower on the Saturday, and thank you to the organizers for throwing grit around those crappy speed bumps, it really helped. As for the after party, all I can say is: top notch, I cannot wait for the official after-movie from Softsquare Productions after I saw their drone hovering above the crowd.

With the size of the festival getting bigger each year, so does the competition. The amount of good quality builds we saw at the show is astounding, we really are reaching international levels and as Jamie Orr said; even though we don’t have access to all the parts and wheels, our creativity makes up for it.

Needless to say, we did not get around to capturing as much as we wanted through our lenses, but we hope the following images suffice in giving those who did not make the trip; a brief glimpse, and those who made it; a brief flashback.

Thank you to:
– Xtreme Veedubz (Eldrid, Jermaine and Romeo) for towing us to Middleburg.
– Jannie and sons for fixing our radiator with STEENVAS.
– Jarred, Wayne, Dean, Al and his dad for helping us with the power steering pump.
– everyone else who lent a hand.

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