CampFest 2015: A Brief Flashback

Maybe we were cursed, maybe it was karma, or maybe we all just had bad luck, because most crews coming from the coast experienced unfortunate mishaps ranging from cracked radiators, to tyre bursts, to busted CV joints. Luckily everyone made it there in one piece. Initially, we planned to do a full write up and after-movie of this year’s[…]

CampFest 2014: The Good, The Bad, and The Muddy…

With most blogs and websites having done their features on the VW Campfest 2014, we thought we’d provide a different approach, instead of the general overview that many will give. This was our first year attending the much anticipated and talked-about Vdub Campfest, the show that every car enthusiast in SA knows about, even if they’re not into VW[…]